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Lynda International Clairvoyant/Medium

Discover the world of the Spirits

I am a clairvoyant/medium, I started my professional work 9 years ago after I finished my career in hair-dressing,although,I worked semi-professionally for many years.

I told my guide George and my other guides if they wanted me to do this work then they must send me the people who needed my services. Well my goodness they did ,I have not stopped,I never advertise,so word of mouth is my testament.They have led me to all areas of the midlands,england,and also Elveria,Costa del sol but recently to tenerife where I have family.

I realised at an early age that I could see and hear things others could not but soon learnt to be quiet about it because people were scared of me and I got called all sorts of names,my teens were awful with terrible nightmares and voices in my head like a mis-tuned radio,but the spirits guided certain wonderful people to me who taught me how to channel and close myself off and now I strive to teach others.

I started reading the Tarot & palms at the early age of 8 and that did not help when the things I said were true or came true made people very wary of me it seems to me people can accept it from someone of age but not a child or even a young woman.

I am the 7th child of a family of 8, my mothers first child died at 6mths,she named him george after my father,and it is this wonderful spirit that is my main guide.My children which I have three,now in their twenties,take george as another member of the family although they do not like him to join in when we play family quizzes because he usually wins.

When I do readings it is at clients homes and I read for 1-4 people,I read their tarot their palms ,also their hand-writting(graphology) and channel their spirits that are around them not always family members a friendly spirit from the area or house pops in but they do not stay,each readings lasts for approximately an hour. Also I do sittings where a number of people get together up to about 20,and I channel the spirits and give messages to their love ones, I do not do big events because I like to give a message to each and everyone and you are not able to do this with a large audience.

People also come to me when they think they have a haunting and I will cleanse their homes but I will always make sure that it is a problem with spirit, I never take spirit for granted, and on occasions it as been other things and not spirit.

I have helped people with all sorts of problems and my work is very gratifying and I thank God and spirit world everyday for my gift.

So if I can help you in anyway please get in touch,and thank-you for visiting my site.